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  • Casey on 2021-Jan-30 01:28:14 Casey said

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  • Waylon on 2021-Jan-30 03:13:00 Waylon said

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  • Arlen on 2021-Jan-30 12:33:19 Arlen said

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    "While we now have some preliminary information, investigators still have to wait for other test results to come back and for the final report," Sgt. Alain Tremblay of the New Brunswick Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement.
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  • Audrey on 2021-Jan-31 07:55:00 Audrey said

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  • Weldon on 2021-Jan-31 08:56:53 Weldon said

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  • Maximo on 2021-Jan-31 09:09:01 Maximo said

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  • Melvin on 2021-Jan-31 09:39:45 Melvin said

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  • DE on 2021-Jan-31 09:58:13 DE said

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    "Be responsible — Democrats, Republicans, everyone," Giffords told reporters afterward. "We must never stop fighting. Fight. Fight. fight. Be bold. Be courageous. The nation is counting on you."
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  • Keenan on 2021-Feb-12 02:16:03 Keenan said

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  • Delmer on 2021-Feb-12 02:43:30 Delmer said

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  • Darrell on 2021-Feb-12 02:43:32 Darrell said

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  • Duane on 2021-Feb-12 04:36:27 Duane said

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    Connecticut State Police Dive Team search Pine Lake in Bristol, Conn., the hometown of the former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, Monday, July 29, 2013. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old Boston semi-professional football player. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)
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  • Jasmine on 2021-Feb-12 04:36:30 Jasmine said

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    "The staff has drafted and recommended a proposal that wouldprovide companies significant flexibility in complying with thedisclosure requirement while still fulfilling the statutorymandate," White said of the plan.
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  • Arden on 2021-Feb-12 15:53:59 Arden said

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  • Cornelius on 2021-Feb-12 16:43:58 Cornelius said

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  • Alvin on 2021-Feb-12 17:13:30 Alvin said

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  • Demetrius on 2021-Feb-12 17:14:59 Demetrius said

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  • Lamont on 2021-Feb-12 17:15:00 Lamont said

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  • Arron on 2021-Feb-12 17:43:45 Arron said

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  • Kennith on 2021-Feb-12 17:43:46 Kennith said

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  • Cletus on 2021-Feb-12 17:43:47 Cletus said

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  • Brooklyn on 2021-Feb-12 17:43:54 Brooklyn said

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  • Sammy on 2021-Feb-12 18:13:16 Sammy said

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  • Rusty on 2021-Feb-12 18:13:17 Rusty said

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  • Molly on 2021-Feb-12 18:14:00 Molly said

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  • Arron on 2021-Feb-12 18:14:01 Arron said

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  • Bradford on 2021-Feb-12 18:42:26 Bradford said

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  • Patricia on 2021-Feb-12 18:42:28 Patricia said

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  • John on 2021-Feb-12 18:42:29 John said

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  • Alfonzo on 2021-Feb-12 18:42:30 Alfonzo said

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  • Austin on 2021-Feb-12 18:43:42 Austin said

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  • Brenton on 2021-Feb-12 19:12:06 Brenton said

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  • Adolfo on 2021-Feb-12 20:58:33 Adolfo said

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  • Myles on 2021-Feb-12 20:58:34 Myles said

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  • Nathaniel on 2021-Feb-12 21:24:56 Nathaniel said

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  • Alejandro on 2021-Feb-12 21:37:17 Alejandro said

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  • Arnulfo on 2021-Feb-12 21:37:19 Arnulfo said

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  • Hollis on 2021-Feb-12 21:39:02 Hollis said

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  • Gregorio on 2021-Feb-12 21:39:03 Gregorio said

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  • Keneth on 2021-Feb-12 22:09:25 Keneth said

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  • Benjamin on 2021-Feb-12 22:09:27 Benjamin said

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  • Marcelino on 2021-Feb-12 22:09:28 Marcelino said

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  • Carroll on 2021-Feb-13 00:07:58 Carroll said

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    “It would be better not to wait until the ninth to do it, to add on a little bit before that,” Wells said. “The way it turned out, it was a great win. Hopefully it’s something to build on.” 
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    Tensions over Snowden are also likely to make it harder for Obama to push forward on negotiations for a new nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia, a proposal he issued in a speech in Berlin in June and which he hopes to make part of his legacy. Russia so far has shown little appetite for the idea.
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    Field arranged for Goody to meet the Ulsterman.The pair bonded over the fact that Goody had spent much of his childhood in County Tyrone. "It was just supposed to be me but Buster was there as well. We had two more meetings, one at Finsbury Park, another at Marble Arch, and he gave us a bit more information each time. It wasn't until after that that I took the plan to Bruce and the others."
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    The Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies will examine the technical and policy issues that arise from rapid advances in global telecommunications, the White House said in a statement.
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    In past years, Bogdan had expressed concern that budget cuts in the United States and elsewhere could undermine the program by unleashing the dreaded "death spiral." But over the past year, Australia, Norway and other countries have redoubled their commitment to the program, and U.S. officials have said they will protect the program from further cuts.
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    Temperatures in the Upper Midwest have been from 4 to 11 degrees above normal for the past week, NOAA’s Mr. Artusa said. Parts of the Midwest are on track for one of the driest Augusts on record, according to the Drought Monitor.
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    ‘immunity for a sitting president was “a principle that has existed for a long time” in international law.’ What a ridiculous thing to say. The fact that something used to happen regularly doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do. They used to burn witches. They used to keep slaves. They used to give presidents immunity from law
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    The study underscores the notion that, despite the popularity of Android smartphones and tablets, consumers still consider the iPhone and iPad as their go-to choices when shopping for mobile devices.
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    Berkshire Hathaway owns short-term Treasury bills butBuffett said he was "not worried" about the bills being paid.U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said the United States willexhaust its borrowing authority no later than Oct. 17.
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    "There's always been some kind of brouhaha but I've neverseen one quite this deep," said Kimball Livingston, acompetitive sailor and writer at "Probablythere's a certain amount of bluster and people cope and goforward -- but it's very hard to measure."
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    Maple Leaf, the maker of Dempster's Bread and Klik luncheonmeat, has been hit hard by low margins for hog production due tohigh prices of corn and wheat. It reported a surprisingsecond-quarter loss on July 31.
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    Wall Street stocks halted their longest losing streak in2013 as major retailers reported positive profits and outlooks,signaling resilience among U.S. consumers who are dealing withmeager wage growth and higher taxes this year.
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